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Introductory Note

The band "Encontros da Eira", founded the 21st of March, 1997, earned a space of its own in traditional music, being, without a doubt, a reference in the ethnomusicological route of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.


Our band has been elected this year’s most distinguished personality of the R.A.M in the ludic/cultural area by the magazine "Saber".



  Present Composition of the Band  
The success achieved by "Encontros da Eira" with the CD records – “Retalhos de Tradição“, “Aquintrodia“,
Instrumentais d’Outrora” e “O Melhor dos Encontros da Eira“, are full demonstration of the meritory work the band has been developing.

Town Garden – Funchal – Show "Vamos Cantar os Reis" 2004/01/04
There’s no memory of other bands in Madeira’s discographical scenery ever achieving over thirteen thousand sold CD’s, of four different records, in five years.

A bit of History A small clip  
In the past and as a form of enjoying their spare time and holy days, people used to gather around places called ‘eiras’ (a place used to beat the cereal seeds out of the plants). These meetings usually happened at sunset and full-moon evenings always being joyfully replete of traditional songs and games. The people’s memory revives itself and, in a return to the roots mood, on the 21st March, 1997, a group of nine friends, children of the pitoresque town of Camacha, feeling the cultural gap that existed then, sharpened their sensibility to the idea of founding a band of traditional music. This group of friends adopted the name “Encontros da Eira” and set themselves to the goal of recovering traditional instrumental and vocal excerpts of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
Vila da Camacha
Camacha Town – Church’s place
Original text written by Jorge de Sousa
Translated to English by Pedro Doria Meunier