Up to 2004/04/0814 692 sold units

The “Encontros da Eira”, are the band of Traditional Music of Madeira with more cds sold.

First Album

The fifth edition of: “Retalhos de Tradição“, is for sale since 26 of July 2002! From 13 of December of 1998 (launching day of the 1st edition), until the present 6 110 Cd’s have been sold (this edition is almost out of stock).

To acquire any of these CDs, at 12€ each, please contact “Encontros da Eira” directly through:
Cell Phone +351 91 251 0252 or Telf. +351 291 203 090
Fax 0351 291 203 099.

Click in links below to hear two excerpts from this album.

Cantiga da Mourisca
Teresinha de Jesus

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Second Album

The second release of the band was the 21 of September of 2001 at the Casino of madeira and it’s called “Aquintrodia“. It includes 12 themes of the Verbal and Instrumental Tradition of Madeira

Up to date there were 5 709 sold units of this work, that had an edition of 6.000 Cd’s.


In May of 2002 we placed in the audio market 1,000 tapes, with themes from the album “Aquintrodia“, which is currently almost out of stock.

Third Album

Instrumentais d’Outrora

The Cultural Association “Encontros da Eira“, sensing the existing gap concerning traditional instrumental music in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, launched the 21 of March of 2002, (day of the 5th anniversary of the group), a CD with 11 instrumental themes.
Until today 3 503 units have been sold.

Click in links below to hear two excerpts from this album

Retalhos de Tradição
Hymn of the Espirito Santo

“Encontros da Eira” were in the TOP TEN of
Diário de Notícias da Madeira (a local newspaper) for 76 times

On Fridays this newspaper includes in its weekend edition the ranking of sold records in the region.
The “Encontros da Eira” was the band, due to the CDs “Aquintrodia and Instrumentais d’Outrora“, that since September the 28th of 2001, more time remained in the Top 10 – 76 quotes.

Fourth Album
“O Melhor dos Encontros da Eira”
(The Best Of Encontros da Eira)

The “Encontros da Eira“, launched jointly with Vidisco, the 24th of March of 2002, in the Restaurant “O Madeirense”, located at the Amoreiras Shopping, in Lisbon, the CD titled “O Melhor dos Encontros da Eira“, (see above) that gathers 16 themes, selected from the CDs “Retalhos de Tradição and Aquintrodia“.

Book: “Retalhos de Aquintrodia

At the same time that the “Aquindrodia” album was released the “Encontros da Eira” published a book with: opinions from press (select articles); articles of opinions from more than twenty culture-related people , politicians and the general public. Lyrics from the CDs, many photographs of the most important moments in the life of the band and much more…

The book is for sale in the following places:

DRAC; Municipal Theater Baltazar Dias; Etnographical Museum of Ribeira Brava; Editorial Notícias; Bazaar Axel Rasmussen; Bazaar of Aguiar Silva (next to the Sé); Casa dos Teares; Bookstore of the Patio and City council of Funchal.

You’ll also be able to acquire it calling +351 291 20 30 90, next to any element of the band and/or the directors of the Cultural Association “Encontros da Eira”.

Until today 797 units were sold.

The edition was of 1 000 units.

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